Weight Loss with Hypnosis in NJ


Hypnosis for Bad Eating Habits:

Does it seem as though you are always trying to lose weight but can’t seem to be able to change your eating habits?  You know…the very habits that are causing you to keep the weight on or

The main reason why people become overweight is by overeating. Too much food every day gives you unwanted pounds. How much is too much? Well, everybody knows his or her right portion, but the problem is satisfying the cravings. How do you remove the craving for snacks and junk food?

The good news is that hypnosis can help make changing those habits a bit easier and a lot quicker than you likely thought possible.  Hypnosis is an effective and natural method for weight loss and there are no side effects.

Habits are created and stored in our subconscious mind. Regardless of what your conscious mind desires, if your subconscious isn’t aligned with these desires, change will be a struggle, if not impossible. A skilled hypnotist communicates directly with your subconscious mind to ensure that the changes you want to make in your life are easier and faster.

Examples of bad eating habits may include however not be limited to any of the following:

  • Being unaware that helping sizes are way bigger than what the body really needs.
  • Eating too fast and not allowing the “I’m full” message to get from the stomach to the brain until you have already over indulged.
  • Eating as much as when you were younger and likely to be much more active.
  • Eating and drinking foods that are comprised of “empty” calories.

Diets often fail since often at the subconscious level, you may not be willing to do what you know is required to lose weight and you don’t realize it until you give it a try…”another one.”

Truth be told, your subconscious mind really doesn’t know if being overweight is a bad or good thing, rather it protects your eating habits as they are and have been. Very much like a computer software program can be modified or deleted, you can make modifications to your eating habits and your subconscious mind will protect your new eating habits.

Willpower simply can’t beat imagination and positive affirmation. You will lose your unwanted pounds because you see yourself as a slim and attractive happy person in your mind.

*Hypnosis is not a substitute for seeing a medical professional however it is a complimentary process to the treatment received from a physician.


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Advanced Care Hypnosis is here to help people who would like to find a better way to change their lives for the better in a natural and holistic way. Hypnosis has been used for hundreds, perhaps thousands of year to alter the body by using the mind.

Why Choose Dan Rose and Advanced Care Hypnosis

      • Dan Rose is a 30+ year NJ Hypnotist and can treat many different types of cases
      • Author of “The Hypnotic Coach.”
      • Dan Rose is a top choice referral by many Doctors and Wellness practitioners
      • Dan Rose’s experience and genuine care gets results
      • Located in Montville, New Jersey we are located just 40 min West of NYC
      • Dan Rose can often help in just 1 session and offers booster sessions as needed
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What Client’s Say

“The depression I had been battling for the last two years is gone. I pray that it stays this way but I think by reading your material and learning more about managing that happy place that everything will work out.”
Jay - New Jersey
“By nature I’m timid and fearful. Even going to a strange man’s home was completely out of my element. And at times I did think “what the hell am I doing here”. But this was hands down the best decision I have made in a long time!”
“Since our meeting, I have noticed a rather large improvement in my overall anxiety level. I feel very much calm and balanced. I no longer feel like there is impending doom around every corner…which is a huge improvement! “