Sleep Better with Hypnosis in NJ


Sleep is something that we all need given the vital role it plays in both our mental and physical health. When we sleep our body is given an opportunity to heal and repair itself and allows our brain to process the information it collected throughout the day.

Sleeping disorders such as insomnia make it very challenging for some people to get a good night sleep. Being sleep deprived not only makes you feel tired, it can lead to physical illness. From a psychological standpoint, not getting enough sleep can cause anxiety and make it very difficult for you to concentrate.

Getting a good night sleep helps your ability to learn, improves your problem solving skills and helps your creativity. When sleeping problems develop, these abilities are hindered. Over time this can make daily activities difficult, impacting your relationships and working life.

While some sleeping problems have an obvious cause, others may not. Hypnosis for insomnia can be helpful if you are unsure as to why you may be having trouble sleeping.

When suffering from insomnia for a long period of time, the patterns of sleep disturbances can become embedded in your subconscious. Hypnosis for insomnia aims to communicate with this and suggest positive changes. These suggestions can help to break the negative thought patterns causing the problem.

An important part of hypnosis for a “better night’s sleep” is learning how to relax with intent. For some people, physical or mental tension makes it very difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep.  Often your hypnotherapist will teach you self-hypnosis. Using self-hypnosis for insomnia at home will help you take the tools you’ve learned in the session into your everyday life.

When treating sleep challenges, there are various approaches you could take. It is important to first speak to your doctor to eliminate any physical causes. Your doctor may recommend you take medicine to help you sleep. For some people hypnosis can be an effective alternative treatment, but it is important for you to try to find out the underlying cause to the problem.


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Advanced Care Hypnosis is here to help people who would like to find a better way to change their lives for the better in a natural and holistic way. Hypnosis has been used for hundreds, perhaps thousands of year to alter the body by using the mind.

Why Choose Dan Rose and Advanced Care Hypnosis

      • Dan Rose is a 30+ year NJ Hypnotist and can treat many different types of cases
      • Author of “The Hypnotic Coach.”
      • Dan Rose is a top choice referral by many Doctors and Wellness practitioners
      • Dan Rose’s experience and genuine care gets results
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      • Dan Rose can often help in just 1 session and offers booster sessions as needed
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What Client’s Say

“The depression I had been battling for the last two years is gone. I pray that it stays this way but I think by reading your material and learning more about managing that happy place that everything will work out.”
Jay - New Jersey
“By nature I’m timid and fearful. Even going to a strange man’s home was completely out of my element. And at times I did think “what the hell am I doing here”. But this was hands down the best decision I have made in a long time!”
“Since our meeting, I have noticed a rather large improvement in my overall anxiety level. I feel very much calm and balanced. I no longer feel like there is impending doom around every corner…which is a huge improvement! “