Gain Portion Control with Hypnosis NJ


Hypnosis can help you to learn how to subconsciously know when enough is enough food.

Portion control plays a major role in helping you to achieve your weight loss goals and better overall health. Perhaps you may already be eating the “right foods” and doing an adequate amount of exercise however if your still overweight, it may be because you’re consuming too much food.

Taking command over the portion of food you are consuming won’t just make you trimmer…it actually gives you more. By eating the “right amount” of food your body doesn’t need to work as hard to digest unnecessary excess food.

Habits control our lives much more than you may think. We eat at designated times…even if you had a mini meal just an hour ago and aren’t really hungry. We overeat at times to be polite or guilt over not wanting to waste the food on our plate. Many of us have simply forgotten how to recognize when enough is enough.

There are some common sense things that can help you control portion size:

  • You can eat slower, giving your stomach an opportunity to realize it’s full in your brain and switch off your appetite.
  • You can begin your meal with a low calorie soup which can be very satisfying and allow you to feel content by consuming a smaller portion for your main course.
  • You can the old trick of using a smaller plate so that you can’t pile up as much – (the key is not to go back for 2nds or 3rds.
  • You can avoid buffets and pay no mind to the “super size meal” deals.

Hypnosis can help with portion control.

Hypnosis can help you to overcome habit and compulsion. Food is fuel, and fuel needs to be of the right quality and quantity.

A skilled hypnotist will take you into a deeply relaxed state and retrain your subconscious mind which can help you to instinctively eat less and stop when your physical hunger is satisfied. The focus is on letting your hunger be your guide, and not your emotions, restaurant portions, etc.

*Hypnosis is not a substitute for seeing a medical professional however it is a complimentary process to the treatment received from a physician.


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Advanced Care Hypnosis is here to help people who would like to find a better way to change their lives for the better in a natural and holistic way. Hypnosis has been used for hundreds, perhaps thousands of year to alter the body by using the mind.

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What Client’s Say

“The depression I had been battling for the last two years is gone. I pray that it stays this way but I think by reading your material and learning more about managing that happy place that everything will work out.”
Jay - New Jersey
“By nature I’m timid and fearful. Even going to a strange man’s home was completely out of my element. And at times I did think “what the hell am I doing here”. But this was hands down the best decision I have made in a long time!”
“Since our meeting, I have noticed a rather large improvement in my overall anxiety level. I feel very much calm and balanced. I no longer feel like there is impending doom around every corner…which is a huge improvement! “