Overcome Fear of Bridges with Hypnosis in NJ


Does the mere thought of crossing over a bridge make your blood pressure go through the roof? The proper name for fear of bridges is gephyrophobia which is a Greek word. What most people don’t know about this particular phobia is that more people suffer from it than you might imagine and it has quite an impact on the life of many people around the world.  If you are one of them, the good news is that hypnosis can help you to modify your thinking to finally overcome our fear. .

It’s not easy to travel anywhere without having to cross over or go under a bridge or two in order to get where you are going. In some instances, someone with a fear of bridges may also have a fear of heights or claustrophobia, however more often than not, the fear is specifically related to bridges.

A person’s fear of bridges typically happens when they think about crossing a bridge, or actually must cross a bridge and in most cases…any bridge. People who do not have this phobia may try to reassure the person who does that “all will be fine,” but it doesn’t’ help since the sense of danger is very real to the sufferer of the bridge phobia.

Thoughts that the bridge may collapse or fall apart while you are on it can be triggered by scary or traumatic experiences you have had at some point of your life, perhaps even in childhood. Your fear of bridges was formed in your subconscious mind when it connected the word bridge with something dangerous which formed a thought pattern that automatically pops up the instant you see or even think about a bridge.

The best way to rid yourself of your bridge phobia is to identify the thought patterns in your subconscious that bring upon the fear of bridges response. Hypnosis can help you by retraining your subconscious mind to unlock the inner resources that will allow you to switch from the old to new thought patterns and increase the likelihood of overcoming your bridge phobia.

Hypnosis performed by a skilled Hypnotist can help you to overcome your fear of bridges so that it does not hinder your ability to travel and enjoy life.


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What Client’s Say

“The depression I had been battling for the last two years is gone. I pray that it stays this way but I think by reading your material and learning more about managing that happy place that everything will work out.”
Jay - New Jersey
“By nature I’m timid and fearful. Even going to a strange man’s home was completely out of my element. And at times I did think “what the hell am I doing here”. But this was hands down the best decision I have made in a long time!”
“Since our meeting, I have noticed a rather large improvement in my overall anxiety level. I feel very much calm and balanced. I no longer feel like there is impending doom around every corner…which is a huge improvement! “